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The Huntin' Hoist

Our test Huntin' Hoist arrived well packaged and in good condition. Both the product and packaging are very professional looking. The Huntin' Hoist has a belt clip that attaches to your belt or even the top of your pants if you want. The rope pulls out easily and it automatically rewinds with a spring. Also, the rope is 30' long, which is great for us who like to climb high!

The Huntin' Hoist easily attaches to your weapon with the patent pending Doyle's Gear Cinch. The Gear Cinch gives you more options for attaching your weapon. What a great idea!

I highly recommend the Huntin' Hoist!

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The Huntin' Hoist is a great tool for every hunter who needs a reliable, durable, self retracting gear rope to pull a gun, bow or other gear into a tree.

We found the outer casing, made of a hard durable plastic, very rugged. The belt clip attachment is strong, made from metal, and easily attaches to a belt, pants or pocket.

This product comes with complete instructions including safety precautions, care, intended use and mounting ideas. This neat hunting tool has a unique lanyard attachment point that is easy to use and self contained.

The Huntin' Hoist is light weight but very strong. Even with thirty feet of lanyard, the case is amazingly light and compact.

The Huntin' Hoist totally eliminates the need to bring rope on your hunts. You don't have to worry about leaving a rope at your camp or in your vehicle when left at your stand location. Clip the Huntin' Hoist to your treestand and its with you all season long. Every serious deer hunter needs a Huntin' Hoist!

The Huntin' Hoist
By Keith Dewars, Stone Lake Outdoors Field Staff

It never fails. It seems like every time I go hunting out of a treestand I end up spending precious minutes un-kinking and untying knots in my haul rope. You know, the rope you use to haul your gun or bow up into the stand. Sometimes it seems like they have a mind of their own. Well, I think I've found a solution to that problem.

The solution I've found is called the Huntin' Hoist, manufactured by Doyle's Deer Gear out of North Vernon, IN. This handy little gadget has a rope that self-retracts as a pre-tensioned spring in the housing reels the rope back in.

All you have to do is attach the rope to your gun, bow or pack, clip the unit onto your belt or treestand and the rope will automatically unwind for you. When you are positioned in your stand and start bringing your equipment up towards you the rope goes right back into the unit. No muss, no fuss and more importantly... no tangles.

The Huntin' Hoist is ruggedly constructed and will handle the day-to-day rigors of treestand hunting. The housing is made of black plastic and the unit comes preloaded with 30 feet of high strength braided rope. One feature I really liked is the belt clip. The clip is heavy duty and won't come off your belt if the unit happens to get caught on a branch. The belt clip can also be used to attach the unit onto the webbing of your treestand to make it even more hands-free.

Lastly, I feel I can't finish off without mentioning the new Doyle's Gear Cinch. The Gear Cinch does away with the old plastic or metal clip you see on every other haul rope. The design is ingenious and extremely simple to use. All you have to do is pull the cinch out of it's little "holster" (for lack of a better name), wrap the rope around your gun or bow and put the cinch back in place. Quite a handy little feature.


This past deer season we had the opportunity to field test a remarkable new product, the Huntin' Hoist. Manufactured by Doyle's Deer Gear of North Vernon, Indiana, the Huntin' Hoist is a self-contained, self retracting rope for raising and lowering guns, bows and gear packs to your treestand.

The Huntin' Hoist is easily attached to your belt or to the webbing on your climbing treestand with it's built on belt clip. To use, simply make sure it is securely clipped on, attach the patent pending "Gear Cinch" to your gun, bow or pack and start climbing. As you climb, the rope unrolls out of the Huntin' Hoist with no strain and your gear stays safely on the ground. When you reach the top, grab the rope and pull your gear up. As the rope is pulled up, it automatically rolls back into the Huntin' Hoist and out of your way. No more tangled or knotted ropes to fool around with. A nice, neat package.

The rope on the Huntin' Hoist is capable of handling loads up to fifteen pounds and at thirty feet long, is long enough for those that like to climb really high with their climbers. If you're like me and carry everything but the kitchen sink with you, you might want to check the weight of your pack before hoisting it up a tree. Those extra gloves, hats and food can add up.

The most unique feature of the Huntin' Hoist besides the gizmo itself is the patent pending "Gear Cinch". This easy to use fastening mechanism is designed to transfer the load back to the rope. To use, simply pull the cap out of the "Cinch", wrap the rope around whatever it is you want to hoist and then replace the cap back into the cinch. The rope not only conforms to the shape of the object you are hoisting, it cinches tighter as pulling pressure is applied to the rope.

I used the Huntin' Hoist while using my climbing stand and while hunting from a permanently built stand. At the permanent stand I clipped the Hoist to my belt, attached it to my gun and climbed the ladder with my backpack on my back. Once in the stand and getting things settled, I pulled my gun up. The hoist performed flawlessly. Very impressive. While using the climber I attached the Hoist to the webbing that supports the seat of my stand. I tried attaching it to my belt, but it would clank against the sides of the stand. Since I only had one Hoist, I used my old pull rope to pull up my gear pack and got it tangled as usual. The remedy for this situation is to have two Hoists. Attach the first one as usual to your belt or stand with your pack on the end. Then attach the second one to your pack with your gun or bow attached to it. When you get up to your hunting height, pull up your pack first. As the pack is coming up the second Hoist will be attached to your gun. Get your pack settled in place and then pull up your gun or bow and start hunting. Next season I'll have another Huntin' Hoist for these situations.

All in all we were very impressed with the Huntin' Hoist and was proud to see that it is made right here in the U.S.A.. Easy to use and easy to store, the Huntin' Hoist is a must have piece of hunting equipment! For information on how to get your Huntin' Hoist, visit Doyle's Deer Gear web site at www.huntinhoist.com and tell them Backwoods Bound sent you.

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This simple hoist is tailor-made for the treestand bowhunter. Just attach the end of the rope to your bow, clip the unit to your belt and climb. As you climb, the strong 26- or 30-foot nylon rope spools out. Then, when you reach your stand and begin lifting your bow, the rope spools back up. The Huntin' Hoist can be permanently attached to a climbing stand or carried in your pack or pocket when hunting from a fixed-position stand. The thing I like about this product is that the rope goes with you when you leave your stand, and with it your tell-tale scent. This is a cool item that any serious bowhunter should consider owning.

Product Under Review: Hunters Hoist
Review Conducted By: Jim Coursey

Opening weekend of the Texas archery season and I find myself multi tasking myself out to a variety of duties. On top of trying to hunt and film, we were trying a few new products on for size. One of these products was the Hunters Hoist made by Doyle's Deer Gear.

A fairly easy to understand product, the Hunters Hoist is a retractable hoisting system design to help you in getting your gear into the stand with not only safety in mind but also with less hassle of having to leave a rope at your stand for just such an occasion.

Using the Hunters Hoist was extremely easy and convenient. You simply loop the nylon rope on your gear and climb up your stand. The Hunters Hoist let's out string as you climb with ease. Upon sitting down into your stand and getting situated you simply grab the nylon rope and proceed to pull up your gear. Now here is where I love this product. As you pull your gear up it simply retracts back into the cover. Folks it's just that simple.

The quality of the product was not without thought as the rope is a strong nylon and is 30 feet in length. The hoist itself is a durable plastic that can take a few hits here and there. The belt clasp was probably one of the most noticeable as it was extremely durable. The clip design is in such a way that makes it almost cling to your belt. Once it's on, it's not coming off unless you pull it off.

For those that wish to see the product in action, here is a clip of us using it opening weekend to get our gear into the stands.

You can find this great product by going to www.huntinhoist.com. The Hunters Hoist sell for $30.00 and we believe it's a steal for that price. Good job Doyle's Deer Gear, we've been waiting for a product like this one.

(Rating System: 5 Stars = Highest achievement in making both not only a sound product but a quality product as well. 4 Stars = Product is a great product with very few flaws. 3 Stars = Product is a better than average product but still has too many flaws to be considered great. 2 Stars = Poor quality product in need of some more improvements. 1 Star = Product is terrible in quality and should not be bought by anyone.)

Huntin Hoist: 5 STARS *****

Pros: Durable, dependable, tough nylon rope, price..

Cons: No cons on this product. It was everything that it advertised to be. We will be using the Hunters Hoist for years to come.

Comments On Improvement: Maybe in the future there will be a way to work on something a bit smaller. That would be my only suggestion.