Field Testing

North American Hunting Club Official Field Test Result Synopsis


Product Tested: Doyle's Deer Gear Huntin' Hoist
Quantity Tested: 150
Approval Percentage: 91%
Average Rating: 8.0

"The Huntin' Hoist model #230 has received the
North American Hunting Club Member Tested Seal-of-Approval."
Field Test Coordinator: J.J. Reich

Following are some of the comments made by members of the North American Hunting Club after they field tested the Huntin' Hoist:

Steve Tucker, Member Number 40189078
"The first thing I did was check the length of the rope. Perfect, I couldn't climb high enough up a tree to the point of my equipment to be out of reach. Next, I tried to make it backlash. With my son holding onto the case, I would jerk the rope as hard as I could. To no avail, good for you. I could not make the rope backlash. Then, tied to the back of my ATV I drug it through a patch of greenbriers, other than a few small frays on the rope, not a scratch, and even with the rope being pulled to its limit, it did not break."
Best Features: Belt Clip (good design, once I put it on, it wasn't going anywhere). Durability (It took a lickin' and kept on doin' what it does).

Russell Martin, Member Number 16374720
"The Huntin' Hoist definitely puts an end to rotten and squirrel chewed ropes. I also like the strength of the pocket belt clip. It won't slip off by itself."
Best Features: ease of fastening to any weapon without knotting.

David Jones, Member Number 40230722
"I have been using rope for years to haul equipment of to my stand. This product worked much better, was easier to store and was more reliable. There were no knots to tie or rope to get lost or worn."
Best Features: retractable, slip knot feature.

Paul Allison, Member Number 19214661
"This product is easy to use. Just clip it on your belt, cinch up your gun or bow with the Doyle's Gear Cinch and you're ready to get into your stand. Once you're in your stand, just pull up your gun or bow and the cord is automatically wound up for you. The same when you get out of your stand, too. Cinch up your gun or bow, lower them to the ground and the cord is wound up for you as you are getting down. It's been a big help for me. I highly recommend this product."
Best Features: Doyle's Gear Cinch and self retracting cord.

Joseph Ryan, Member Number 40394485
"With safety always a primary concern when hunting, the Huntin' Hoist revolutionizes the ease and safety of getting your gear in and out of your tree stand. After seeing this product, everyone in our hunting party is buying one."
Best Features: retracting cord.

Craig Patch, Member Number 40141069
"I used the Huntin' Hoist during bow season and liked it very much. I used to use a rope style hoist and it always tangled up in my pocket. The Huntin' Hoist always worked smoothly with no tangles."
Best Features: retractable rope.

David H Kramer, Member Number 40167797
"This thing is slick! I'm not very handy with rope. Sometimes my knots slip, or almost as bad, they tighten to the point that it's difficult to untie my gear. The gear cinch on my Huntin' Hoist cured my gear hauling woes. I attached it to my day pack and its slim profile does not interfere or impede any movements. The ripe pays out and reels in responsively so it's never tangled in anything."
Best Features: Gear Cinch and retract ability.

Charles Kenner, Member Number 16365175
"The Hunting Hoist is comfortable to wear, even when sitting in a tree stand for hours. It is easy to use and more convenient and quieter than rope."
Best Features: compact and easy to attach to gear.

Todd Lanich, Member Number 40203723
"I do recommend this product. It was an excellent tool when used in conjunction with my climbing stand. It was very simple to use and it performed very well. I even used it when hanging portable tree stands to help pull up the stand from the ground although it was a little cumbersome when hooked onto your pants (clothing). Overall, I found this product to be of good quality construction, and I think it is a great asset for any hunter to own."

Robert Wellington, Member Number 16578158
"The Huntin' Hoist worked exceptionally well every time I used it, no matter what equipment I was hoisting with it. Gun or bow, no problem. The gear cinch is convenient and secure. It is easy to use and mounts easily and securely to your tree stand."
Best Features: The double loop on the clip & the gear cinch.

Jim Collins, Member Number 19187385
"The Huntin' Hoist replaced my old rope in pocket setup and was immediately favored. I simply clipped the clip on my backpack waist belt and started to use it in the archery elk season and muzzle loading deer. It is a dramatic improvement over the old system and I would gladly recommend this to my fellow hunters. And I do."
Best Features: Design and ease of use.

Eli Montgomery, Member Number 16390395
"I would recommend the product because you do not have the tangled mess of the rope when not in use. And the gear cinch was easy to use."
Best Features: retractable rope and the Doyle's Gear Cinch.

Luke Olivas, Member Number 40329443
"This proved an invaluable tool when building tree stands. I used it to hoist boards and tools while rebuilding my old hunting stands. No more trying to carry boards when climbing the ladder. I also used it when bow hunting to haul my bows up. It is a 100% improvement over the traditional rope."
Best Features: The gear cinch.

Richard Campbell, Member Number 40377366
"Self retracting rope makes it so easy to use. I only got to use it one time. Once my wife tried it she won't give it back. I guess we need two!"
Best Features: ease of use, rope is self retracting.

Shawn L Degroot, Member Number 16307758
"I love the Huntin' Hoist model 230. It is very easy to use. It works great with my climbing tree stand. No tangles or rope blowing in the wind. I think everyone who hunts from a tree stand should own one."
Best Features: easy use.

Kirk A Oosting, Member Number 40324476
"The gear cinch makes this product the preferred choice over similar products. It takes the worry out of lifting expensive gear through tree branches up to your stand."
Best Features: the gear cinch.

Shawn C Judd, Member Number 40369639
"No more tangled rope. Need I say more? Great product."
Best Features: clip attachment that will not slip off of belt or strap on your stand.

Thomas Forrester, Member Number 15429792
"This hoist is great! No more tangled strings! I used the hoist to lift my bow into my tree stand. The cord retracted silently and the clasp was strong and easy to use. The hoist clipped securely and easily to my camo overall pocket. A tool I will continue to use."
Best Features: ease of use.

Cory Jones, Member Number 19214246
"I like it because it frees your hand up so you don't have to hold onto your bow and climb at the same time. I know I broke my bow just a week before I got the cinch in the mail. Better late than never but it did pull my muzzleloader right up to me. It is strong, it is a great product."
Best Features: it is more like a safety device I put it right there with the safety belt.

Kenneth Pietras, Member Number 16556543
"Beyond hoisting hunting items into the tree stand, which it was helpful. I found it to be useful around the house when I pruned the trees or hoisted my chain saw. So with a little imagination this item would be very helpful anywhere."
Best Features: No Comment.

Jeffery Pieplow, Member Number 1634545
"I would highly recommend this product. It makes it convenient to move from one stand to the other without worrying about a cut rope or one the squirrels have chewed through. Also keeps both hands free for a safe climb up and down the stand."
Best Features: automatic retraction.

Adam Matson, Member Number 16590942
"The Hunting Hoist was perfect for every height hunting occasion. It retrieved my bow soundlessly and lowered it down without noise. The cord never tangled on me & I could attach it to almost anything. A very good product.
Best Features: quiet, long tangle less cord.

Kenneth Phifer, Member Number 40353389
"Excellent product! Safe and easy to use. The "cinch" is a unique and functional feature that enhances the products' usefulness. Every hunter should have at least one to safely haul their rifle, bow, etc. up to their stand. After owning it for one hunting season, would not give it up."
Best Features: the "cinch" fastening mechanism.

Philip Portz, Member Number 40408622
"I liked the retraction so the string wasn't dangling. It was convenient to clip to my belt or backpack. I didn't have to tie strings to each tree stand."
Best Features: retractable string.