Intended Use:
The Huntin' Hoist is a self retracting rope for tree stand hunters. The rope pays out as you climb and reels in as you lift your gear into the tree.

Use the Huntin' Hoist to replace the tangled, knotted, scent wicking rope you've been using.

Safety Precautions:
Never wrap the Huntin' Hoist's rope around any part of your body. Gloves should be worn to prevent rope burns. Keep out of children's reach.

Never lift a loaded firearm and never lift a firearm if you're loaded.

Caring for your Huntin' Hoist:
Like all your gear the Huntin' Hoist will age more gracefully when kept out of the weather between hunts. If your Huntin' Hoist's rope gets wet. Extend it and allow it to air dry before reeling it back in.

Doyle's Gear Cinch:
The Gear Cinch was created specifically for the Huntin' Hoist. For most objects, pull the rope out of the bottom of the cinch and choke it around your gear. For your bow and arrow, lift the cap out of the cinch and pass it around the bowstring or limb. Now replace the cap and you're ready to hoist. It's a cinch.

Attachment to Tree Stand:
Mount the Huntin' Hoist to any of the nylon webbing on your tree stand using the belt clip attachment. The belt clip may be rotated by loosening the center screw and then retightening when in the desired position.

Lanyard Attachment Point:
The rectangular slot near the top of your Huntin' Hoist is a lanyard attachment point. Pass the lanyard of your choice through the slot and fasten the Huntin' Hoist to anything. Note: A plastic cable tie works great.

You are going to love this Huntin' Hoist! It will become an important part of your hunt, making your hunting experience safer and more enjoyable than ever.

Doyle R Myers, President
Doyle's Deer Gear, Inc.