The Huntin' Hoist is designed to pay-out and reel-up rope, as YOU lift or lower your gear. It is meant to keep the rope from tangling at your feet or in briars or limbs at the base of your tree. By keeping a slight but constant pressure on your gear, it makes retrieval and lowering a quicker, simpler task.
You can clip the Huntin' Hoist securely to your belt with its belt clip. No worries, the belt clip is designed to be better than the clip you might find on a tape measure or your cell phone. Ours is made not to fall off.
Yes you can, see the "Instructions" area of this website for the details. The Huntin' Hoist belt clip attaches to the webbing of any of today's popular climbers in seconds.
If your Huntin' Hoist dies of natural causes within its' first year of life we'll replace it for free. Just send it in with a copy of your receipt. This warranty will not apply to abuse or misuse. Opening the case will void the warranty. You should read the directions provided with the Huntin' Hoist prior to use.
Yes, we'll give you a Huntin' Hoist if your broke, stingy or just cheap. All you have to do is get your local archery or sporting goods shop to sell the Huntin' Hoist. Give them your name and when they place their first order, we'll send you a complimentary unit. This offer does not apply to existing dealers.
Check the internet to find a store near you. If there isn't a store near you, convince your local shop to carry the Huntin' Hoist and get yours for free. That's right! When your local shop places its order and mentions your name, we'll send you one for free.
Doyle attached a motorcycle tie down to the Gear Cinch and looped it around one leg. He then tied the Huntin' Hoist's rope to the ceiling joists in his basement. At 190 pounds neither the Gear Cinch nor the rope gave out. We're scared to try this same experiment with his chubby brother Roy who is thicker in many areas than Doyle.